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What is The Princess Kingdoms?


The Princess Kingdoms is a mentorship program for young girls who aspire to be great! Founded by Fashion Designer and Photographer Shanae Saxby, in 2013. The Princess Kingdom is a place where we laugh bunches, love abundantly, learn and grow together, but most importantly support each other wholeheartedly in each endeavor we embark upon. Here at The Princess Kingdoms, we care about making a difference in our communities by participating in activities that give back to those less fortunate. These activities typically involve food/toy drives, charity events, and fundraisers to name a few. Our mission is to encourage others through supporting those in need and providing a positive influence full of love and blessings to all.

GOD’S Vision, our Purpose

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14


Our purpose is to build a Kingdom that allows children of all races, sizes, religions, and cultural backgrounds to come together as sisters and form an unbreakable bond. Their love, passion for fashion, and all things beautiful are the glue that keeps them together and builds experiences that last a lifetime.

Our Goal


Our goal is to be a blessing in your child’s life through mentorship, leading by example, encouragement, and love.  Through team-building activities, community service, and volunteering we strive to highlight every aspect of your child's life to show them that they truly are princesses. While being a part of our program your daughters will be consistently reminded that they all are destined for greatness!



Where sisterhood begins

Founder: Shanae Saxby